Board of Trustees

  • The Board of Trustees of The Dupuytren Foundation is a distinguished group of hand specialists committed to the Foundation's goal of improving treatment options for the Dupuytren community. Their work for the Dupuytren Foundation is unpaid and motivated entirely by their interest in collaborating to create a better world for people suffering from Dupuytren's disease and related disorders.

      Prosper Benhaim MD
      Chief of Hand Surgery
      UCLA Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery
      Los Angeles, CA

      Keith Denkler MD
      San Francisco Bay Area Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
      275 Magnolia Ave
      Larkspur, CA

      Charles Eaton MD
      Dupuytren Foundation
      Palm Springs, FL

      Valerie Eaton RN
      Dupuytren Foundation
      Palm Springs, FL

      Avrum Froimson MD
      Cleveland Clinic
      Beachwood, OH

      Steven Glickel MD
      Director of Hand Surgery
      St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
      New York, NY

      David Green MD
      The Hand Center of San Antonio
      San Antonio, TX

      Vincent Hentz MD
      Professor of Functional Restoration, Hand Surgery
      Stanford University Medical Center
      Palo Alto, CA

      Ross Nathan MD
      The Hand & Wrist Center
      Long Beach CA

      Lee Osterman MD
      Professor of Hand/Orthopedic Surgery
      Thomas Jefferson University
      The Philadelphia and South Jersey Hand Centers
      King of Prussia, PA

      Gary Pess MD
      Director, Central Jersey Hand Center
      Central Jersey Hand Center
      Eatontown, NJ

      Keith Raskin MD
      Clinical Associate Professor
      Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
      New York University Medical Center
      New York, NY

      Ghazi Rayan MD
      Director of Oklahoma Hand Fellowship
      Oklahoma City, OK   73112

      Marco Rizzo MD
      Associate Professor of Orthopedics
      Mayo Clinic
      Rochester, MN

      Scott Wolfe MD
      Chief, Hand Surgery and Fellowship Director
      Hospital for Special Surgery
      New York, NY

      Paul Zidel MD
      Chief of Hand Surgery
      Maricopa Integrated Health Center
      Phoenix, AZ

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